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What's with this guy?!

This is confidential, so please don't tell EVERYONE 
(but a lot will do)!

1. Name: Jason Michael or Gorosaurus Meckes 
            (hey, Gorosaurus is my 
            middle name! Hee Hee)

2. Height: 5'8", and going down, well, ok,
            so I'm not that old yet

3. Age: 13 and soon to be 14 on April 7th!

4. Gender: Male, but I'm sure you figured 
            that out by now, or at least
            I HOPE SO!!!!!

5. Talents/skills: Art, piano playing, 
            swimming, Godzilla, and poetry

6.     Future job poissibilities: Paleontologist,
            Cartoonist, Artist,Page designer, 
            US TOHO representative, Zoologist, 
            Biologist, Poet, Movie director/maker,
            and a Lotto Winner!!!!!

7.      Friends: Dray (y'know him, he makes the 
            Hut, see my links), Matt Dotter, Andrew
            Steeley, Jason Pringle & Mike, my dear 
            cousins, Ryan -----? ( Hey Ryan, remember
            me from Vegas?, I forgot your last name,
            phone number, and address. How awesome 
            it would be to be able to hear from you 
            again, I just hope that you still have 
            an interest in Godzilla!), Harry Michelson,
            and Harvey, the invisible bunny ( Elliot 
            the dragon had to leave, so I found Harvey)!
8.      When did I go nuts? When I was about 3 and a 
            half, when the preschool would always play 
            Godzilla movies and the cartoon. The only 
            thing that I remember was Ebirah and 
            Godzilla playing volleyball with boulders!

9.      My favorite movies over all:

1- Godzilla VS. Destoroyah
2- Tristar's Godzilla (Don't yell, it's just a good 
            non-Zilla monster movie)
3- JP- The Lost World
4- Jurassic Park
5- Godzilla 1985/Biollante
        OTHERS: Jaws, Godzillas, King Kong, Monster 
             Movies, Cartoons, and Aliens       

A Whole People Have Visited My Asylem of Doom, or something like that!

Ok, just take me anywhere else, anywhere!

Hey, there is no page here, but it will take you away from here!: If you really are very nausiated, this may give you some empty, fresh, cyber-air!
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