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Son of GODZILLA!!!!!

Ebirah: Today we will watch the 60's Godzilla film classic, Son of
Gorosaurus: Hey, wait a minute, the doctor says that Space Godzilla's
        on his way home! He's comming back!
Ebirah: Horray. Yahoo. Ooo, wow.
Tony: I'll have none of 'at out of ya's!
Gorosaurus: Keep it down Tony, and tie his mouth shut will ya'!
Tony: Can do.
Gorosaurus: Good, okay so the story starts in some Pacific island 
        where a team of scientists discover that monsters live on that
        island. They soon set up camp.
Tony: Wasn't it called Monster Island?
Ebirah: Nope, that name was for Destroy all mos..mmmffff..upphhhh nya!
Gorosaurus: It must really suck to be you, Ebirah.
Ebirah: Yoo haff nou idrea...... lepff me oupfff!
Gorosaurus: Let him out, Tony.
Tony: No can do, boss gave me direct orders.
Gorosaurus: Can't argue with that. Sorry Eb, it ain't gonna' happen.
Ebirah: Rrrmmmffff
Gorosaurus: Okay, back the punch line!
SpaceGodzilla: Hey, that reminds me!
Gorosaurus: You're
Ebirah: Ummfff!
Gorosaurus: Finally
Ebirah: UGGG!!! Wompff!
Gorosaurus: Back!
Ebirah: Owwie...Umph..urg
Tony: Wow, you's better than I thought!
SpaceGodzilla: Yep, I have practice!
Ebirah: Oiy...
Gorosaurus: Why you little! That's my word!
Ebirah: AAAAUUGGHHH!!!!!
Tony: This could get ugly.
SpaceGodzilla: What do you mean could?
Ebirah: UUMMPPFFF!!!!! UUURRGG.... Huaieee...Ow!
Gorosaurus: Now you remember that!
Tony: Hey that's my line! Why I'll!...
SpaceGodzilla: Hmmm, I guess we'll need another poll or two unless you
       back off now.
Tony: Okay boss...
SpaceGodzilla: Back to the movie. So Gigamantises find a giant egg, 
       and out comes the Pillsbury Doughnut-blowing boy!
Gorosaurus: After Godzilla chases the mantis hord away, he adopts 
SpaceGodzilla: The scientists find some girl there, a native to the
       island, who helped them survive with the monsters.
Ebirah: Ugg... well, then  they meet a giant spider.
SpaceGodzilla: Not too mmany details, I think he's cured Tony.
Tony: Does that mean that I can hurt him?!
SpaceGodzilla: Hmm,... go ahead, make it stick in him.
Ebirah: A blindfold plea...UOFF!!!!!
Gorosaurus: Ouch, he must have one heck of a hard shell!
Ebirah: This.. OWW..Isn't...Oooff..worth..Ugg..$10 a...OWIE!...week.
Tony: Hey, I only make $8 a week!
Gorosaurus: Bring it on with Jason, now lets get back to the story!
Jason: Guest appearence! Gorosaurus, watch that mouth of yours! Bye!
Gorosaurus: Gulp!,..... hey, how did I do that? I'm him!!!!!
SpaceGodzilla: So the spider shoots G in the eye, and chaces the 
Tony: Spider gets blasted, right?!
Gorosaurus: Yep, and the scientists decide to freeze the monsters.
Ebirah: So they send up this weather device which lowers the 
        temperature drasticaly. 
SpaceGodzilla: It starts to snow, and the cold-blooded monsters begin
        to hibernate.
Ebirah: Well not technically hibernate, it can't be decided because 
        the weather was artificially made. There is a difference 
        between hibernating and winter sleeping. Did you know that 
        bears don't hibernate, but winter sleep? Creatures like frogs
        are the ones that hibernate. The difference is how long the
        creature stays dormant. Did you know that?!
Gorosaurus: This is going to hurt you ya' know.
Ebirah: I see that fact now. Spacie, Tony, come on guys.....
SpaceGodzilla: I hate being called Spacie!
Tony: And I hate bein' called,... um, uh, I'll just beat you up, okay?
Ebirah: No it's not, please, no,... TAKE THIS PUNKS!!!!!
SpaceGodzilla: OWW!, you little freak!
Tony: I HATE bein' pinched by the weakling!
Ebirah: Uh, oh, now I deserve it, well at least to them I d... OUCHIE!
                          Tune in next time for even more fun!

bandages have been wrapped around Ebirah this week!

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