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Godzilla's Revenge!

Picture of cover coming soon!

Gorosaurus: Hey Everyone, we are here to watch Godzilla's Revenge 
           today! SpaceGodzilla couldn't make it, we 
           still haven't heard from the hodpital about him
           yet. So far, the polls say that he'll get
Ebirah: At least he got what he deserved, well... mabey just a little
Gorosaurus: Okay, today we are watching Godzilla's Revenge, the 
           odd-ball of all of the G-movies! 
Ebirah: Lets start from the beginning. A young boy named Iricho has 
           trouble making friends, so he uses his imagination to keep
           him company. 
Gorosaurus: Kind of like Calvin and Hobbes! I love that strip!, like 
           when the babysitter comes, and he would always...
Ebirah: Back on the subject, um hmm hmm!
Gorosaurus: Grrrr,... do you still want to be my bean bag chair?!
Ebirah: Point well taken.
Gorosaurus: Better that than your life.
Ebirah: Okie dokie.
Gorosaurus: Okay, so Iricho flys himself to Monster Island in his
            sleep. He then meets up with Minya. Oiy! That Minya talks
            more than his Question Board! 
Ebirah: And he sounds like a middle-aged Goofy/Barney!
Gorosaurus: Very Descriptive.
Ebirah: Thank you, I have been practicing!
Gorosaurus: Well now, back to the subject. So Minya is bullied by this
            monster named Gabera, just like the bully that would 
            always bother Iricho at school. 
Ebirah: So, Minya tries to stand up to him, but just doesn't have what
            it takes to ward off another monster.
Gorosaurus: Well, the two see Godzilla fighting varios monsters...
Ebirah: Almost all were stock footage from other G-films might I add.
Gorosaurus: No, you may not! Now sit down on your kuaiju little butt, 
            and let me tell the story you sorry excuse for a bean bag!
Ebirah: Um, uh,..... sorry. 
Gorosaurus: That's better! Okay, so Godzilla kicks Gabera's electric
            little tush, and sends that tail-less nothing of a monster
            on a one-way course straight to the vault of never to be
            seen again, TOHO monsters.
Ebirah: No offense, but you have just as much of a temper as SpaceG!
Gorosaurus: I try hard.
Ebirah: Did you notice that you were in that stock footage?
Gorosaurus: Oh ya'! Along with Gigamantis, Manda, and Kamacuris!
Ebirah: Isn't Kamacuris the same as Gigamantis?
Gorosaurus: Whatever, you know what I ment, that spider guy!
Ebirah: OWWW!!! What the.... Ouch...OWIE..OOF!!!!!
Gorosaurus: What the heck is happening to you?!
Ebirah: It's him,..... the guy on my back!...
Gorosaurus: Who are you?!
Tony: Hi, I'm Tony, the Mafia member monster who will do anything for
            more money!
Gorosaurus: So why are you cracking his shell?
Tony: SpaceGodzi... er, I mean, my CLIENT has sent me.
Ebirah: Wow... you really busted my bubble.....
Tony: Be quiet you little...
Ebirah: Aack!... ouchie, owww, ooo, eee, yaaa!
Gorosaurus: Hmm, I guess that Spacie will always be there for ya'!
Ebirah: I hope that his pulse soon drops... OWW! Stop tha... Ouchie!
Tony: Well, my job here's done. Be sure to tune in next time, we'll 
            be having a much applauded guest comming in next show!
Gorosaurus: Who, Johnny Carson?
Tony: Nope, we couldn't afford him, we were gonna' get some other 
            HUMAN, but, Frank Senatra and Siskel are, lets say, 
Gorosaurus: I get your grip.
Ebirah: You do, not as much as...OWW!!

Tony has nocked off of ya's with his new Tommy Gun!

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