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      Formerly by,
 Jason Meckes, but
 he was captured, 
and now you'll just
 have to deal with 
Redjik Seravoo, 
inhabitant #18,463!

So far a whopping people have been infected with the nuclear wrath of Nebula M since 1-10-99. Ooo Wow. Yippie Doo You Kie-Yae.
Redjik Seravoo inhabitant #18,463

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Siskel died, will SpaceGodzilla?!
What should happen to SpaceGodzilla?

Keep him!!!!!
Get rid of him!
Gorosaurus killed him in the review of Godzilla, King of the monsters!
Replace him!
Change 'em both!

Current Results

Hey, I made my own page about nothing but me! Don't be scared, it's not TOO scary. It was, as Redjik said to me, my last wish, so enjoy it, because it will only last until they descide to demolish me and my page!

Monster MAYHEM!!!!!

The full list of the Godzilla sidekick and enemy details
A whole list from Angouris to Varan!!!!!
Gorosaurus says!
A Godzilla sized link of all the Gojira movies, with a little twist!
SpaceGodzilla and Ebirah's movie reviews!
Movie reviews from the monsters that know 'em. Siskle and Ebert eat they'll eat your hearts out!!!!!
The Godzilla Compendium
A short page on the best G book ever!!!!!
The Blinkin' link of linked links!!!!!
It's a link page, so do you really need a description
Minya's Question Board!
If you have any G comments, questions, or jokes, Gorosaurus will gladly reply to as many as I can, as well as other people too!
Ticked off at G-fans page!
What have so many of us done to get Gorosaurus so steamed? Click and find out!
The Mysterious, G-Storoyah!!!!!
Miki Serugasu has some pics of the newest member of the TOHO family! (or so it should be!)
The Envelope Art TERROR CONTEST!!!!!
Let's see how well us TOHOtopians are at drawing!
My Cool Collection of Kuaiju Collector Cards!!!!!
You want cards? You got cards!
About Me!!!!!
My own page about little ol' me!