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Ebirah: Welcome, today we review...
SpaceGodzilla: Valley of Gwangi?!
Ebirah: Umm... no... not at all...
SpaceGodzilla: Star Wars Episode 1?!
Ebirah: Give it up! Just because you havn't gotten 
      tickets yet doesn't mean that you can use
      Gorosaur's paycheck to see it!
SpaceGodzilla: Hey... don't rub it in.....
Ebirah: Now, back to our review! We are watching...
SpaceGodzilla: DRUM ROLL!!!!!
Ebirah: Hmph... anyways, we are watching GODZILLA Vs.
SpaceGodzilla: WAHOO!!! (Does the Scottish jig)
Ebirah: Well, it starts out as a helicopter flys over 
      Bass Island... or at least what remains of it
SpaceGodzilla: Yes... for it had been blown up by some
      unknown force
Ebirah: Good, but do you remember much else
SpaceGodzilla: Everything!
Ebirah: We'll see. Anywho, all of the sudden, Godzilla 
      arrives in...
SpaceGodzilla: TOKYO!!!
Ebirah: Not really, he was in Hong Kong! I see that you sure
      studdied well!
SpaceGodzilla: Thank you, but I think that you are WAY off!
Ebirah: That wasn't a compliment...
SpaceGodzilla: Don't risk your life, Mr.
Ebirah: Uhh... umm..., I understant! A-hee hee! Go ahead! 
      Why didn't he attack Hong Kong?
SpaceGodzilla: Ha ha ha... you are such a fool! Since when
      does the big G attack Hong Kong?! Havn't you ever 
      watched a G movie?! Hong Kong is in China!
Ebirah: Ugh... you poor, weary soul. He, for some reason 
      decided to attack China in the movie. now, that proves
      that you havn't watched the beginning! You always fast-
      forward to the monster attack! What is wrong with you?!
      I bet ya' feel stupid now! Yes, no?
SpaceGodzilla: Don't rub it in. You know what happens when 
      you get me mad. 
Ebirah: I'm SO sorry, oh Tokyo-smashing, Deanzilla-bashing,
      greatest monster of all time! Forgive me!...please?!...
SpaceGodzilla: That's better! Hey, it even rymed!
Ebirah: (grumbles) Must've flunked kindergarden... twice...
SpaceGodzilla: Hmm?! What was that?!
Ebirah: Uh.. umm... I said that... umm.. Oh yea! You must've
      really beat up Moguera!
SpaceGodzilla: That's a good, loyal crustacian. Hee hee... 
      No kaiju is a match for me! Ha ha ha!
Gigan: SUPRISE! No kaiju, hmm?!
SpaceGodzilla: A-hee hee! Umm... yes?
Gigan: Wrong answer.
Ebirah: While they are sparring back there, I'll tell the story!
SpaceGodzilla: Ugh! My foot! OUCH! Hey, those things are sharp!
Ebirah: Ok, so these scientists find out that the oxygen
      destroyer has long-lasting effects.
SpaceGodzilla: Hey, Redjik sucks! Ha ha.... OWIE!...
Gigan: You sure are asking for it!
Ebirah: Um hmm... well, they find that a creature lives in
      the infected soil. Well, as you may have guessed, it
      is the first stage of Desotoryah's life.
SpaceGodzilla: Ahh... well, he is disposed of, now, back to
      the movie!
Ebirah: Ok, umm... so you beat Gigan?!
SpaceGodzilla: Well, I think so, I can't find him. That 
      chicken must have ran away! Ha ha ha!
Ebirah: Uhh... you are going to be screaming soon...
SpaceGodzilla: WHAT?! Let me guess... you are gonna' hurt me!
Redjik: HOO HOO HA HA HA!!!!!
SpaceGodzilla: AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!!
Ebirah: Ok, while they duke it out, I'll skip to the movie's
Redjik: PARALIZE RAY!!! FIRE!!!!!
SpaceGodzilla: ACK!.....I...I can't move anything...even...
Redjik: Now, let us discuss this in peace
Ebirah: Lets!
Redjik: Ok, out in Tokyo, Destoroyah had really slaughtered
      the Japanees special brigades
Ebirah: Then, as Destoroyah movs into 3rd stage, he has to
      fight Junior
Redjik: Junior does alright until Destoroyah moves into 
      his last stage, a full-sized kaiju
Ebirah: Since Junior was no match, Godzilla appears
Redjik: As he steps onto Tokyo's grounds, and heads towards
      Destoroyah, Ifukube's Godzilla march starts up
Gorosaurus: Man! That is my favorite part, that awesome
      music as G walks behind those buildings, and then
      goes straight for his greatest foe, my favorite part!
Redjik: Uhh... HI!...
SpaceGodzilla: Ahh.... it's worn off, anyways, I was G's
      greatest foe!
Gorosaurus: You, Spacie, you are wrong. You, Redjik, you
      are dead! GGRRRRAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!
Ebirah: Uh oh, well, you guys take it outside!
Gorosaurus: Hee hee.. you are comming with us!
Ebirah: Wha?... NO! Let go! I don't want to!!!!!
SpaceGodzilla: Well, it's up to me to finish up. G uses
      his new spiral-beam all over Destoroyah. As you may 
      have guessed, Destoroyah gets his butt kicked. I 
      could have done soooo much better!
Ebirah: OUCH!!!
SpaceGodzilla: So, G's meltdown takes place, and because
      of the mighty Supa X 3, it freezes him enough to
      keep the meltdown to a minimum, so it only kills G
Redjik: My hand! You bit my hand!!!
Gorosaurus: Hee hee hee... OW! My tail! Your stupid pincers!
SpaceGodzilla: Okaaay... so it's a sentimental moment for
      everyone. But the exess radiation soaks into the dead
      Junior. Then, in all of the smoke, a figure rises up,
      and a VERY familiar roar is heard. No, not mine, the
      infamous G roar!
Ebirah: AAAHHH!!! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! MAKE IT STOP!
Redjik: I'm outta' here! Adios!
Gorosaurus: Ya', you get outta' here! Ha ha ha!
SpaceGodzilla: Man! This was one of our better ones!
Ebirah: Got any XXXXXXXXX large band-aids? My poor elbow!
Gorosaurus: Welp, I've enjoyed it, gotta' go as well!
SpaceGodzilla: Bye!
Ebirah: .........Good rithens.....
Gorosaurus: I HEARD THAT!!!
Ebirah: NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!
SpaceGodzilla: Welp, tune in next time! Soooooo long!

Spacie was paralized for minutes. HOO HOO HA HA HA!!!!!

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